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Production company for high-quality (frozen) pet food in private label and premium brands!​

More than just 'just' fresh meat...​

De Vleesfabriek produces with raw materials that are suitable for human consumption. Our company works according to the HACCP standards and meets all the requirements and recommendations of the NVWA and FAVV. Only in this way can the quality of products be guaranteed.

Premium brands

We produce for various premium brands.

Private label

We also offer interesting private label options.

Meat from Europa

All the meat used by De Vleesfabriek comes from approved European slaughterhouses.

Fresh fish

The fish used for the production of products comes exclusively from European waters.

Your own products

De Vleesfabriek can also produce your product with raw materials selected by you.

Our company

De Vleesfabriek is a production company founded by professionals with many years of experience in the pet food industry. The company has a large production capacity, which means that it can deliver quickly, without having to compromise on the quality of the product.

High-quality pet food

The Vleesfabriek produces exclusively with high-quality raw materials in order to guarantee the best quality.

Qualified employees

De Vleesfabriek only has a professional team of production employees who are evaluated every year.

Own warehouse

De Vleesfabriek has its own (conditioned) warehouse, where products can be stored under its own management.

Large production capacity

Due to our large production capacity, we can deliver quickly. This applies to both frozen and non-frozen products.

About us

De Vleesfabriek may be a young company, but it was founded by professionals from the pet food industry. Due to years of experience in the distribution and wholesale of (frozen) fresh meat products, it is a logical step to now also produce fresh meat ourselves. After all, the quality of the products, working according to HACCP standards and meeting all requirements and recommendations of the NVWA and FAVV must always be number 1. This can only be guaranteed by taking the production into your own hands.