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Private label


Many possibilities under your own brand!​

Many companies in the pet food industry are looking for their own brand of fresh meat. This way they don’t have to compete with existing brands and the customer will always come back to the company. As a result, companies opt for their own brand, exclusively available from the company, unique products with their own range and higher margins. After all, you can determine the prices yourself.

De Vleesfabriek offers many options for private label products, such as frozen and long-life fresh meat sausages for dogs. But fresh meat in the form of hamburgers or cubes is also an option.

De Vleesfabriek also offers storage and distribution options. Handy if, for example, you do not have your own cold store or warehouse and/or are not able to distribute your own products yourself.

Because a private label product or range is always customised, we would like to get in touch with you to discuss your wishes and the possibilities.

Unique products

By setting up your own brand, you have products that are exclusively available from you.​

Higher margin​

By selling products under your own brand, you can determine the price and margin yourself

Own assortment

You can determine your own range and are therefore not dependent on a brand.

Customer loyalty​

If a customer is happy with your products, he or she will commit to your brand.